VI Times


Mike Herman - Editor 

The VI Times Magazine is published four times a year; March, June, October, and December. Deadlines for submissions are indicated on page two of each issue. 

In addition to information from our Boards, Staff, Clubs, and Organizations as well as our columnists, we encourage all residents to contribute articles and photos of their activities on/off-campus. Relive the past, talk about the present, brag about family; share your adventures with your neighbors. Remember, you cannot be in it if you do not submit it! Contact the Editor, Mike Herman at [email protected]

To ensure that your event is covered, we prefer that you take your own photos and e-mail them as JPEG images to the editors. If that is not possible, photographers are available for your events. Contact our photo editor, Mike Sandler, 509-6767, Al Sarnotsky, (914) 715-3395, or Sue D’Entrone, 374-9894.

The Times Magazine pays for itself as well as makes a profit due to the advertisements placed with the publication. Bernie Sacks is Advertising Director and can be reached at 737-7062